Company history

We have been present on the market for over 25 years, so we would like to thank you for your trust. Our products accompany you at parties, gatherings, as well as in every-day family life. Holding a bottle with our drink you may wonder how it is made, how it finds its way to the bottle and what route it has to follow to get into your hands and land on your tables. We would like to let you in on our secret…

Our drink are prepared according to a special recipe based on natural ingredients and spring water, our drinkis sent into bottles understerile conditions.

Once a cap is screwed on, each bottle is labelled… (100 000 bottles / 160 000 litres an hour)

… and then via belt conveyors, it is transported to a multi-packing machine.

Ready-made functional multi-packs are equipped with special grips to offer good carrying comfort.

After that via automatic belt conveyors, they are taken to collective packaging section.

Here the robots ‘show off’ skilfully arranging those multi-packs into pallets.

After this arrangement everything is reinforced with a wrapping foil, which protects product and guarantees safe transport.

Some machines wrap multipacks in a truly spectacular way.

Appropriately packed with our products, with the aid of a lift, pallets are put on automatic belt conveyors. At some stages we use a special laser truck, which does not need a driver.

Pallets with our drink are carried for 100m with a line of automatic belt conveyors to a storage place.

A computer labels each pallet with an individual number and finds its place on a shelf, where it is going to wait for loading, in accordance with logistic variants.

The whole storage process is obviously supervised by man. This is where loading orders are assigned.

Computer releases goods to be loaded. After receiving an order number from the sales department, it automatically prepares and transports goods to be dispatched to their destinations.

Finally, prepared goods must be placed on a vehicle which delivers our products to wholesalers and stores so that you could buy it. Now you know that what you drink is the highest quality based on the state-of-the-art technology you can definitely trust. Bon Appetit!