Polo Cockta

Everyone knows cola – bubbles, colour, taste and aroma. A good Cola means experience, secret recipe and passion … Polo Cockta is a long-standing experience and constant aspiration to perfection so that each Pole, each of us could get a really good cola. Ultraclean Technology (increased cleanliness of distribution) and Intercooler (saturation with carbon dioxide in ice water – new joy for Poles).

The cult brand of Polo Cockta is back! Going forward to trends, we developed product which connects generations. New edition of Polo Cockta as „slim” 250 ml can has orginal image designed by Kasia Bogucka illustrator. Remarkable graphic design creates a unique novelty on the Polish market. Drinking Polo Cockta you may feel fashionably, emphasizing Your orginality and creativity. You do not have to do what others. Follow Your way, be exceptional, free and original. Life is exactly for being pleasant. Drink Polo Cockta!